Dec 072006

Only jerks wear corduroys in the library.

To the person who wishes to wake library nappers: It is a shame that your life is so boring that you have never had a reason to nap in public. Let us sleep.

Is anyone else mad that they have locked the art lounge doors the past two days? Now I can’t take my 9:30 nap in between my classes.

To the girl who picked up the dollar I dropped in the library and gave it back to me, thank you very much for that! I appreciated it greatly. That, and you are really beautiful.

To all those who have friends who are graduating: Please stop asking what they are planning on doing after they graduate. It’s like asking a deer caught in the headlights what it plans on doing after being hit by a semi truck.

If someone offers you a piece of gum, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T REJECT IT!!!

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