Dec 072006
Authors: Mike Donovan

There comes a time in every football program when a new coach and a new direction is needed.

Some CSU fans believe the time has come for a new voice to lead the Rams into the 2007 season. This, however, would not be the correct course of action for new Athletic Director Paul Kowalcyzk.

Put quite simply, Head Coach Sonny Lubick has earned the right to stay as long as he wants. Only two people in the history of CSU football have meant as much to the Rams as Lubick; Harry Hughes, who was head coach from 1911 through 1941 and athletic director for four years, and Fum McGraw, who was a football All-American and athletic director.

All Lubick has done in his 14 seasons is turn around one of the worst teams in the nation. His winning percentage of .617 is by far the best of the last six head coaches CSU has had.

While Lubick’s numbers over the long haul are impressive, the last three seasons of Ram football have not been up to the standards expected by boosters or the student body. However, there is no better man to rebuild CSU than the man who did the same exact thing 15 years ago.

The same fans who want Lubick gone think the Rams also have a chance for success next season. Next year’s players need the man who recruited them to coach them.

Losing Lubick would also give the Rams a hit on the recruiting trail. Every year when new recruits decide to commit to Fort Collins, the majority of them say Lubick was one of the factors.

Do changes need to be made to Ram football? Yes, but losing Sonny Lubick would cause CSU to lose all of the little national respect that it still has.

Not only has Lubick earned the right to stay, CSU would be shooting themselves in the foot if they let him go. With CSU’s athletic budget in dire straits, the athletic department simply cannot afford a suitable replacement.

Even if Lubick decided to retire, which he will likely do within the next four years, CSU would still not be able to afford a replacement. However, it is possible that the athletic budget crisis will be resolved in a few years, which is something that would coincide with Lubick’s retirement.

When it comes down to it, CSU needs Sonny Lubick. Lubick, both as a football coach and a man, is a foundation at CSU. He has returned the program to the success it reached in early part of the 1900s.

It will be a sad day in CSU football history when Lubick leaves the Rams for the last time. However, the least CSU should do for a legend like Lubick is let him leave on his own terms.

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