Dec 062006

The City of Fort Collins makes me shovel my sidewalks within 24 hours, but CSU gets to wait a week ’til it’s warmer. What’s up with that?

To everyone whose cars are still covered in snow: Thanks for taking up space in the parking lots and making the rest of us park in the neighborhoods.

Mitch Hedberg once said that people handing out flyers were really saying, “Here, you throw this away.” I find this especially relevant regarding anyone handing me anything on The Plaza.

My solution to the Old Town holiday decoration controversy: A modern nativity scene with Branjelina (as Mary and Joseph) and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (as baby Jesus). The wise men (Bono, Russell Crowe and Will Ferrell) can come bearing PS3s, SLVR phones and Elmo dolls. Nondenominational, and yet it encapsulates the true sprit of the season.

I work at the library and I can tell you that the computers are cleaned every week. Now if the users could clean up their own mess on the computers, they would be a lot cleaner.

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