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Dec 062006

Our view

Even after the FDA deemed the Plan B pill safe for over-the-counter use, some pharmacies refuse to sell the drug without a prescription. Why, when the FDA approved sale to adults 18 and older, would businesses pass on an opportunity to make money?

It all comes back to the abortion debate. Does life begin at conception, birth or after so many months of pregnancy? Well, no one can say for certain, but there are some ideas to take into account.

Traditionally, proponents of banning abortion, and the stance therein of banning emergency contraception, identify with the pro-life paradigm. But where do those on the other side of the coin stand? Are they pro-death? No, though that may be suggested. Instead, we say “pro-choice,” supporting the ability to choose whether or not to abort.

The pro-choice stance says a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to go through with pregnancy. It is this ability to choose that has led to the advancement of birth controls and contraceptives, which have prevented unwanted pregnancies and, consequently, unwanted children.

When deciding whether or not to support the sale of a drug that has proved to safely prevent unwanted pregnancies and the hardships associated with them, consider which is safer – taking a pill, a partial-birth abortion later on or giving birth to an unwanted child.

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