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Dec 052006

In life two things are inevitable: Death and taxes. Unless we institute a national sales tax to replace the federal income tax. This proposal for a sales tax of 23 percent is absolutely not in our country’s best interest, for three reasons. It is unfair to the middle and lower classes, it harms charitable donations and finally, it will result in significantly higher costs of consumer products.

Currently our taxes are heavily resting on the wealthiest 10 percent of the country. They pay nearly 50 percent of the federal government’s money. But in the long run most of their own money rests in the stock market, not the economy of consumer goods. Unless we start taxing trades on the stock market, all of that money will not be taxed on income. As such, most of the government’s money will come from the less fortunate, not the wealthy.

Secondly it will harm charitable donations. If companies/individuals are now being taxed by sales rather than by income it gives less reason to give tax-deductible charity. This in the long run once again hurts the less fortunate.

Finally, consumer goods will be more expensive. McDonalds isn’t going to lower their prices even without taxes, it will still remain the Dollar Menu. Only now it will cost $1.23. Companies have no reason to lower prices to the levels that Nick suggests, simply because companies are driven by profit.

If you think that Middle America should pay for the “fair” tax, then by all means please let’s institute it. But if the 90 percent of us out there who would end up paying more in the long run through the cost of consumer goods want to keep our money, then we should say no to the national sales tax.

Ian Fromme


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