Dec 052006
Authors: Hilary Davis

Members of the Swing Society can breathe a sigh of relief after finding out last week they will not be required to purchase insurance in order for their club to continue to operate on campus.

Swing Society, one of the largest student organizations at CSU, has been plagued this year with small meeting spaces, scheduling conflicts and, most recently, the news that the university might require them to purchase an insurance policy in order to exist on campus.

“The university agreed not to require us to purchase insurance as long as we meet certain conditions,” said Melissa Mullins, president of the dance group.

Those conditions are that all CSU students participating in Swing Society-sponsored practices and dances must sign a university waiver form once per academic year, or provide a photocopy to the organization that proves they have current health insurance.

The decision was handed down from the university’s risk management department and the student organizations office.

Laura Fagan, an accountant in the Student Organizations Office, said the decision to require insurance is not new, but that the situation is now being tracked more carefully.

In addition, all non-CSU students must also sign a waiver each time they participate in a practice or dance.

Swing Society and other “high risk” student organizations were looking to partner with the Associated Students of CSU and possibly purchase insurance on their behalf, should the university have required them to be insured.

“A relatively small number of students are affected,” said Robert Sons, ASCSU’s director of finance, of the proposed policy. “At $500 per evening, it would have been an inefficient use of the student fee.”

For the time being, no change will be made to any student fee usage, and Swing Society gets to remain on campus.

But Sons added that Pam Sampson, director of the Student Organizations Office, was shopping around for the least expensive policy, in the event the university would require insurance for the student organizations.

“The decision is definitely a solution that will work for us and won’t cost us too much money,” Mullins said. “Other student groups contacted us to offer their support in this matter.

“We are hoping that if they come across a similar problem our solution could work for them as well.”

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