Dec 052006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to a group of unshaven CSU students.

Several students in the Student Affairs in Higher Education program went without shaving to raise money for charity.

The group raised about $2,000 during No-Shave November

Some – yes, women, too – went up to 25 days without shaving to help destroy traditional gender roles and raise money for victims of domestic violence.

Ryan Barone, the Men’s Project coordinator for the Women’s Programs and Studies department, raised the question, “Who is supposed to shave, and who is not?”

It’s a question worth thinking about.

We all are influenced by traditional gender roles perpetuated by media, friends and family, not to mention ingrained into us through centuries of stereotypes.

We’re not saying we’re for hairy women, or men, for that matter. To each his – or her – own.

But gender equality still remains a problem. That’s a simple fact.

Women still get paid less than men for the same jobs. We’ve yet to have a female president. And although we’re making great headway, women are still severely lagging behind men in positions of power.

All of this isn’t going to be changed by a group of CSU students not shaving for a few weeks. But it’ll at least get some to think about it.

And for doing something – anything – for a cause they believe in, SAHE deserves recognition.

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