To the Editor:

Dec 042006

Students should properly represent CSU

As a 30-year Fort Collins resident, parent of two CSU graduates, CSU supporter and Kansas State graduate, I looked forward to last Saturday’s match up.

What my wife and I were subjected to was the very boorish behavior on the part of a horn player in the pep band. When the announcement concerning sportsmanship was made before the game, he must have been at the concession stand getting another beer. If this young man had looked around, he might have noticed the frowns and shaking heads of his fellow supporters. His actions greatly diminished my experience. He also displayed a lack of basic basketball knowledge.

I believe that students, faculty, athletes and administrators should be ambassadors for their institutions, not embarrassments. Since it seems that this behavior if not condoned by the CSU administration, athletic department and the pep band is at least tolerated. If that is the case, I will be reassessing my support of CSU financially and otherwise. I have exalted in CSU’s triumphs and suffered along with my CSU friends during the hard times, but maybe no more.

Although I have always been partial to CSU, I will always bleed Wildcat purple.

Mike Gary

Fort Collins resident

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