Dec 042006

I think that there should be a class called “I need a date 101” for all us single people on campus…and by the end of the semester we would all have dates.

Is anyone else annoyed that iPod scroll wheels don’t work with gloves on? I’ve learned how to use my nose to change the volume.

I think the people at Sobe are Ram fans. Seen inside a Sobe cap: “Live Green or Die.” Looks like we’ve got some alumni!

To the kid in the red hoodie leaving Clark C on Friday who uttered a “58 percent F-, I am so stupid!” I heard that and you are not stupid. It happens to the best of us! I hope everything works out for you.

So I’ve decided Jesus loves CSU better than everybody else, especially our Fum Song, because I was just listening to Christmas music and there’s a song called “Fum, fum, fum.”

iPod mini found by Chemistry building. If can prove it’s yours, claim at LSC info desk.

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