Nov 302006
Authors: Vimal Patel

To combat an increasing number of vehicle break-ins, police are asking students and community members to be the “eyes” of the CSU Police Department.

“While we are making great efforts to catch the person or people responsible for these, our greatest limitation is the number of ‘eyes’ the police department has,” said Cpl. Yvonne Paez, a CSUPD spokeswoman, in a statement.

“There are approximately 25,000 sets of eyes in our Colorado State community…We ask that everyone keep their eyes and ears open and be aware of their surroundings at all times.”

Paez was unsure about exact numbers, but said that there were four cases of vehicle windows smashed in just one day earlier this week.

The thefts occurred in daylight, and goods such as car stereos, CD books filled with CDs, and purses were snatched.

“That’s pretty bold,” she said.

Police are encouraging students to lock their doors and not leave any valuables in plain sight.

That won’t be a problem for Zach Wiggins.

“I don’t have anything in my car, so.,” said the sophomore mechanical engineering major, his voice trailing off.

But Wiggins, who was sporting shorts in freezing temperatures as he trudged through the engineering lot Thursday afternoon, still takes safety precautions.

“I always lock my doors,” he said. “I double check. I’m kind of paranoid about it.”

Adam Patterson, a senior marketing major, said he locks his doors all the time. He’s been parking in the CSU lots for three years and has never had a problem.

“It’s never seemed like a situation I needed to be concerned with,” he said. “Maybe I should be.”

Paez said it will be far more difficult for thieves if every community member is on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

“Together we can really do this,” she said. “That’s what community policing is: working together.”

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