To the Editor:

Nov 272006

Maybe the draft is a good idea.

Reading Andy’s column brought up troublesome issues for me. The draft is a serious issue, but the Army and Marines need serious help.

Many soldiers are on their third or fourth combat tour. This needs explanation: A combat tour is sustained combat operations seven days a week, for a whole year.

It is hard to respect that, even for me, someone who has already served his time in the Armed Forces. Imagine for a moment you are to go somewhere for four semesters of college, without all these nice holiday breaks.

That is what is being asked of our brothers in arms. We can go back and forth about whether the draft is a good idea or not. Andy thinks it will tank morale, even though countries like Israel who have compulsory service enjoy very high unit morale and cohesion. Maybe we can get some more diversity in the ranks. Andy should check his stats: Most Soldiers and Marines are from solidly middle-class backgrounds.

The fact is, we are doing a disservice to the men and women who serve our country. During WWII, General Motors, Chrysler, Willy’s. etc pumped out Jeeps at an incredible rate. When there were no men available, women worked in the aircraft factories. People bought war bonds, medical personnel filled non-combat roles. In other words, every citizen chipped in, whether or not in the uniformed service.

Ask yourself, what have you sacrificed for your country lately? Does it even come close to what soldiers go through? Maybe a draft wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if for any other reason than to help out the men and women who have been doing it for four years now.

Patrick Sullivan

Fort Collins resident

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