Ram Talk

Nov 262006

To the guy who I cut off with my bike near the math building I was truly sorry!!! But after you made the comment, “Ya you should be,” I completely take back what I said to you. There is no need to be so angry, relax and take a deep breath… try a massage at the Wellness Zone.

To the people who wont give up their pointless rants about their oh so sexy TA’s… keep your fantasies to yourself.

If any of you happened to have been in the bathrooms of either Safeway on College and Mulberry, or King Soopers on College last Thursday night, I am extremely sorry. I had Indian food for the first time that night, and it didn’t agree with me. Things got really out of hand (and all over the walls).

South Park has gone too far. They can make fun of Christians, Jews and Scientologists all they want, but when they take on an American Classic like THE MIGHTY DUCKS, that’s where I draw the line.

Can we get little cots and pillows in the library? I might as well move in come finals week.

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