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CSU is trying to bridge its Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses and diversify their master’s programs.

The Bridges to the Doctorate program will try to increase the number of students pursuing doctorate degrees in science and math as well as increase the diversity in these programs. CSU-Fort Collins and CSU-Pueblo will be involved in this program, but the students will be at the Pueblo campus.

Students involved will be in a three-year program during their graduate research at CSU-Pueblo. They will be paired with research advisers in both Pueblo and Fort Collins, as well as being involved in seminars and workshops during summers.

Participants’ tuition will be paid for through the program.

“We are really excited (for this program). We want to make a difference,” Don Mykles, the director of the program as well as the associate dean of graduate education in the College of Natural Sciences in Fort Collins.

Although criteria for the participants are still being squared away, eight students will eventually be chosen. These students must have completed their bachelor’s degree in a science or math field and qualify as a minority.

“We want to select students with the greatest potential,” Mykles said.

The program came after a grant from the National Institutes of Health was awarded to Fort Collins.

“By doing this program, we will be tripling the output of students going from master’s programs to Ph.D. programs in Pueblo,” Mykles said.

Bianca Garcia, a senior psychology major and a peer resource leader at El Centro, believes this is a good opportunity.

“Some people don’t want to go on to master’s programs, but this would promote that,” she said.

Isaac Sotelo, a junior finance major and resource leader at El Centro also agrees that the program could get more minorities interested in post-collegiate education.

“They should try to offer it up here,” he said. “That is something that I would want to be a part of.”

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The breakdown of grad school at CSU for 2006-2007


1,795 men

1,841 women

Attendance status

1,866 full time

1,770 part time

Grad students by college

Agricultural Sciences 208

Applied Human Sciences 874

Business 137

Engineering 544

Intra-University 159

Liberal Arts 565

Natural Sciences 613

Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences 306

Warner College of Natural Resources 230


Asian American 91

Black 47

Hispanic 135

International 517

Native American 40

Other 305

White 2,501

Source: Office of Budgets and Institutional Analysis

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