Nov 262006
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With a graduate school population of nearly 4,000 people, CSU has decided to establish a new position to cater specifically to those students’ needs.

Jodie Hanzlik has been named associate vice provost for graduate studies and will take on her new role at the beginning of the spring semester.

Hanzlik has been at CSU for more than 22 years working as a professor. She has also headed the Occupational Therapy Department since 1997 and was instrumental in creating the department’s graduate school program.

Hanzlik not only earned her master’s degree in child and family studies but she also went on to get her Ph.D. in child development from Iowa State in 1986.

“I learned so much I could put into practice. I loved it,” Hanzlik said about earning her masters. “I wanted to do even more like teach and get my Ph.D.”

Hanzlik has firsthand experience recruiting graduate students and helped to build the occupational therapy program, which began in 2001. It is currently ranked seventh by US News & World Report. She credits her department’s success to helpful, immediate criticism from graduate admissions coordinators.

“We’ve received good feedback about the program,” she said. “We have a strong faculty and innovative, unique teaching.”

Hanzlik said she recognizes the importance accompanying a graduate degree and hopes to have the same successes with cultivating other graduate students and programs.

“Many students are not aware of the opportunities graduate school has to offer. As the level of education increases, so does the salary,” Hanzlik said. “It can broaden outcomes for you.I never anticipated going on to get my masters.”

Melissa Weiser-Rose is one graduate student familiar with Hanzlik’s dedication to education. Weiser-Rose, who is pursuing a master’s in occupational therapy, met the department head while working on a paper.

“She is very helpful and she really cares about the students,” Weiser-Rose said. “She seems very committed.”

The new provost also had several recommendations for students interested in furthering their education.

“Many graduate school programs have deadlines of February 1. If students want to be admitted to graduate school next fall, they should already be checking into programs,” she said.

She also said to note what prerequisites are required before getting admitted into a program, be aware of specific deadlines outlined by their individual program, obtain references early and take the Graduate Record Examination if recommended by their department.

However, Hanzlik cautions students that getting admitted to grad school is only the first step. Once admitted, she suggests students interact with people in their department.

“Set up interviews and make appointments. Attend classes, meet students and get a feel for where you are going and what you can expect,” Hanzlik said. “You must have a burning desire to get your master’s and Ph.D. and have a strong desire to be successful.”

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