Ram blood in his veins

Nov 162006
Authors: Amy Robinson

Move over, Cam, there’s a new ram in town.

Every football game, 9-year-old Justin Stank showcases his green-and-gold pride as “CSU’s Unofficial Mascot.”

Despite the competition between Cam and “Mini Cam,” there seems to be no hard feelings between the two. Justin and the ram posed for pictures before the recent Brigham Young game.

The CSU Alumni Association and Kodak sponsored “CAMera Day” as a fundraiser for the ram handlers to defray the cost of traveling to out-of-town games, said Teri Lear, Alumni Association assistant to the executive director.

The freckled “Mini Cam” has been dressing up as a ram and going to games since he was three months old, said his mother, Zoe.

“He learned the fight song in-utero,” she said.

Although she is not a CSU alumni, Stank said she adopted the team when she moved to Colorado.

“I worked for sports information in Kentucky and I was lost when I moved to Colorado,” the Greeley resident said. “I had to find a team, so I adopted the Rams.”

The idea to dress her son up as a ram came from a costume she found in the bookstore, Stank said. Since then, she has been having suits specially made for him each year.

“Justin goes around the crowd, taking pictures with fans,” Stank said. “You’d be surprised how many people ask for his autograph.”

The youngster and Cam might have to get used to sharing turf on the football field.

“I want to go to CSU and play football for the team,” Justin said.

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