To the Editor:

Nov 152006

Wrong assertion made against liberals

I would like to respond to the fellow who wrote in lamenting his disgust in claiming that the Collegian was unfairly liberal. Personally, I do not know enough to render judgment on the Collegian. However, if this reader’s claim is mostly true and the Collegian has strong liberal biases, then he would be right to say that the newspaper needs more balance.

As a liberal I want sour along with my sweet – it’s just more healthy. However, on the reader’s second claim that liberals are only idealists and that conservatives are realists, I would strongly disagree.

Making this type of broad assertion is just plain wrong. For example, as a liberal I do not think that government can solve all of our problems, nor do I believe that markets are altogether bad.

Come on, ALL people believe to some degree in what things should be and that is more or less tempered by their understanding of what things really are.

There is an old saying in politics that you know when compromise has been reached when both sides walk away unhappy. Sorry man, but the truth is you wish for what you cannot have and learn to accept some loss, just as liberals do and just as every human being does.

Josh Baros

Fort Collins resident

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To the Editor:

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Nov 152006

Too conservative, you say?

I realize that I have said in the past that everyone is not only

entitled to, but needs to have their own opinion. To some extent, I am recanting that statement after reading the “Columnist too Conservative” article on Wednesday.

My revised statement is: “People should have opinions, but only actually use them in a public forum when said opinion either: 1) makes sense, or 2) is actually keeping in context with any opposing opinion.”

I apologize if this seems rather blunt, but Ms. Wilson’s letter on Wednesday was one of the most nonsensical, discombobulated arguments I have ever read. Coming from experience, strong emotion is a good motivator to write an article or letter, but it also can cloud your ability to formulate a coherent, logical progression of ideas.

You say, Ms. Wilson, that only white American, straight, religious, upper-middle class, educated males are the only voices and opinions that are respected in society.

Now if you have ever read the Collegian, you would know that these “types”, i.e. President Bush, are ridiculed and mocked on a daily basis while there is at least weekly some article that is spouting support of the secular-progressive sect, albeit knowingly or unknowingly.

So, I ask you, why do you feel that a concerned conservative voice writing in to the paper is something to be scorned? In closing, two or three angry conservatives writing in to this paper will hardly restore much needed balance, but it is a seriously positive start.

Sarah Scott


human development and family studies

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