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Nov 152006

News flash: Smoking is bad for you.

Smoking tobacco or smoking pot – if you do it often enough, bad things will probably start to happen.

We don’t believe the above has enlightened any of our readers. If it did, then we’re surprised you were able to read this far.

So although smoking tobacco has a good chance of killing you in the long run and we hope you don’t do it, we stand behind your right to suck on those cancer sticks, or light up that wacky tobacky.

Freedom is about having the opportunity to make the wrong decision sometimes. Sure, we believe everyone should be informed about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and pot. And unless someone is smoking in a closed, public area, driving under the influence or otherwise harming someone else, we don’t believe private and responsible use should be outlawed.

In fact, we stand behind churches’ rights to condemn gays and prohibit homosexuals from membership, despite the fact we disagree with it. But we do not believe that this should extend into the realm of law – as it does in the issue of gay marriage.

When should personal freedom and philosophy end and the hand of our government begin?

We encourage a healthy debate from our readers – send letters to letters@collegian.com. How much influence should the government have on personal lives and to what extent do we have to take personal responsibility?

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