Nov 152006
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Fort Collins can expect the “same old Mish” up and running in full force this season, and next summer.

After inexplicably closing its doors in August, the Mishawka Amphitheater, located in the heart of the scenic Poudre Canyon, has already reopened its restaurant and is hosting indoor concerts.

Robin Jones, owner of the Mish said that he was struggling with the loss of his son who passed away last winter, and had let his bipolar disease get the best of him. But now Jones has put the worst behind him.

“I had a little bipolar incident,” Jones said. “And now I’m back on my bipolar meds and we’re back in business. I’d hate to see the Mishawaka close.”

The local CSU band Modus is scheduled to play at the Mish on Dec. 2 and said that they are elated to do so.

“Once people see the signs for the mish again they are gonna start freakin’ out,” said Dusty Ray, bass guitarist for Modus and a sophomore English major.

Jones had a similar notion about an existing enthusiasm about the reopening of the Mish.

“I had a lot of nice notes and a lot of nice compliments, and a lot of people were excited that it opened backed up. Jones said. “I think they cared and were sad it was closed. I was sad it was closed.”

Hilary Spriggs, bass guitarist for 12 Cents for Marvin, said she is not very surprised, but very happy that the Mish opened up again because it is a unique venue. She said that she doesn’t see a drastic change in the Fort Collins music scene for the winter months, but Spriggs did express her thoughts on a summer season without the Mish.

“If the Mish were gone over the summer it would be a very bleak season. It would mean more trips to Denver to see bands or not to see them at all, and I say that as a participant and as an observer,” Spriggs said.

Jones said there have not been any specific changes in how the Mish is run or any long-term ways to fix previous problems such as parking and camping.

“I think we are going to have to use the other available campground available in the canyon, I am limited to camping grounds here,” Jones said. “To have any type of commercial camping approved it would take a year and half.”

Jones said that visitors to the Mish will have to get designated drivers to take them to the venue and get them back to their campground or drive back down the canyon.

Jones also denied many of the rumors that were circulating while the Mish was mysteriously closed such as the Forest Service attempting to purchase the land.

“They have wanted to do that for years and then when I wouldn’t talk to anyone that kept the rumors going worse,” Jones said. “People love the Mish. It’s a beautiful place to hear music, that’s why its unfortunate that the county officials fight it all time the time.”

The Mish has preserved its winter hours from previous years is currently open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays and also for Monday Night Football. The Web site is up, although not updated, but signs for shows will be posted around Fort Collins.

“I think if Mish wasn’t reopened it would be really sad, but it’s been opened for 90 years and it should be opened for another 90 years,” Jones said.

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