To the Editor:

Nov 142006

“Get your facts straight”

Although I’m not gay myself, I AM a defensive user of marijuana (of nine plus years) who strongly supports the rights of the GLBT community. I felt the need to submit a retort on behalf of my fellow cannabis connoisseurs and the GLBT populace. I believe a reply to such a biased viewpoint as Mr. Miller’s deserves one of like kind, albeit of contrastive origins.

My disagreement with Mr. Miller’s mini-diatribe starts with paragraph three when he states some evident “facts” (at least I take them to be such, since he doesn’t precede them with “I believe”) about what a person is able to do after they are “high from smoking marijuana.” Apparently a person “loses the ability to do any other edifying activity” other than “get higher.”

Mr. Miller obviously speaks from experience.

My beef continues with the following paragraph where he claims that if one is a homosexual, they voluntarily relinquish their “further freedoms of having your own children and participating in the blessings of marriage.”

Clearly, Mr. Miller has taken an objective look at the topic.

In response to the “facts” about getting high, I offer some suggestions (besides “get higher”) from my own experience; how about outputting creatively through an expressive medium?

Maybe just take some time for personal introspection and contemplate how you can positively influence peace and harmony. Or just relax and smile – it’s your choice.

As for the rights of the GLBT community; this issue isn’t about Gay Rights, it’s about equality as human beings. The few gay acquaintances I know believe the failure to acknowledge this fact believe it is due to a single reason at the root of the issue – hatred.

What noun do you opponents of the issue use to explain your viewpoint? Misunderstanding? Please admit people, at the end of the day, we all comprise a single entity in a species; nothing more, nothing less – some are merely more persuasive at making others believe they are otherwise.

Sometimes they even convince themselves. “Imagine” if “All You Need Was Love” for your fellow human being Mr. Miller.

Ryan Jones


graphic design

religious studies minor

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To the Editor:

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Nov 142006

Collegian is too liberal

The Collegian proudly advertises that it is the voice of Colorado State and has been since 1892 and I propose a change. Why not call it the voice of half of Colorado State University.

Every day I open the Collegian in hopes there might be a conservative view or even an opinion column that doesn’t bash the president or the war on terror.

In order for the Collegian to be the actual voice of Colorado State why don’t you pull your heads out of the clouds and bring in some conservatives; that way the other half of Colorado State will finally have something to read.

Mark Reinholtz


construction management

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To the Editor:

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Nov 142006

Columnist too conservative

Jake, thanks for being so condescending in your letter on Monday. I mean we really need another religious and moral conservative letting his privileged opinion be heard. The masses of minorities don’t “get” your side at all, so it is necessary for you to decide what is right for them.

Though you haven’t experienced anything they have, surely you’re more knowledgeable and wise in the matters of homosexuality and pot than those living in the “liberal trenches.”

I didn’t realize that by smoking pot I was actually inhibiting my freedom. And here I thought I could stop smoking whenever I wanted to engage in my other freedoms. It’s strange that I’m sober right now. If I can’t do anything but get higher, how did I ever get sober?

And wow, Jake, I’m sure your definition of freedom as the ability to have natural children (thereby adding to the overpopulation of the earth) really clears up a lot of questions for people who are in homosexual relationships.

Apparently, the only freedom anyone should ever need is having children, not any of the hundreds of rights that would have been granted to homosexual couples with Referendum I’s passing. I didn’t know that. We liberal minorities owe you great thanks for your enlightenment of everyone else’s experiences from your moral high ground.

Collegian staff, can we award Jake some humanitarian of the year certificate or something? We obviously wouldn’t know anything without his moral guidance.

No, don’t think about the fact that he’s privileged as a white, American, straight, religious, upper-middle-class, educated male in a society that respects only voices and opinions like his. Just remember that he speaks and votes “for (our) own good.”

Lacey Wilson

2005 CSU alumna

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