Nov 142006

I sit in the same general area in my class and I must say: One of the more entertaining parts of my day is discovering a new doodle that has been added to our ever-growing canvas known as the desk.

How low does the temperature have to fall before the hardcore bicyclers will unroll their right pant leg?

To those of you who pull your little car up as far into the parking space as humanly possible, thanks for getting my hopes up when I pull around thinking it is a space and rip it out when I see your car in my space, thanks!

I am a bartender in Old Town and I would like to take a minute to thank the Collegian for putting together a well written “how-to-guide” for purchasing a fake ID. Honestly, was it really necessary to put the Colorado ID Security Measures portion in the article?

Is being Facebook friends the new first-base in relationships?

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