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Nov 142006

U.S. could learn from South Africa

For years the country of South Africa has dealt with segregation and the dominance of the white minority over the native black majority. Twelve years removed from that horrible system, South Africa continues to take strides that far outpace the United States and most Western and “modern” nations.

By allowing couples of all sexual orientations to have equal rights, which include the right to get married, South Africa is taking a step forward that the majority of voters around our country and state apparently are not willing to take.

Not only will South Africa allow any two people to get married, the country’s constitution already calls for all citizens to be treated equally no matter their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This is something that our country rejected when the Equal Rights Amendment fell three states short of ramification in the ’70s.

If a country as maligned for its civil liberties as South Africa can take a logical step to give all its citizens equal rights, then why can’t other nations do the same?

We understand that the gay marriage debate is an extremely contentious issue, with religious and ethical undertones. But at its heart the debate is simply about whether or not people who love each other will be allowed to be open and in public. We believe that they should.

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