Nov 142006
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Now that the midterm elections are over, a Loveland-based recycling company is helping to clean up the mess the elections created.

No, the company is not going to lecture politicians on ethics. The company will, rather, recycle the loads of signs that littered the community and dotted the lawns of the politically active.

John Armstrong, an environmental planner for the city’s Natural Resources Department, said the privately-owned Waste-Not Recycling program is helping out the Front Range by offering this service.

“This is an organic program,” Armstrong said. “Waste-Not Recycling came up with a plan to offer a recycling service to Fort Collins and Loveland as a community service.”

A political campaign dumped hundreds of signs, some still in boxes, off at the drop-off location Thursday.

“It sounds like we got over a thousand in one day,” Armstrong said. “I would guess we would get a few thousand in all.”

Anita Comer, Waste-Not Recycling founder, said she wanted to help with the post-election cleanup.

“I think a lot of people are ready to pull up the election signs and I’m willing to donate our services so that it can get done quickly,” she said.

CSU had its fair share of political signs, mostly concentrated on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

Sheela Backen, Integrated Solid Waste program manager at CSU, said campus political groups put up these signs.

The signs, which advocated everything from pot legalization to re-electing Marilyn Musgrave to Congress, were promptly removed after the election.

David Groth, a senior political science major said his mom had numerous signs in her front yard, but she didn’t have to worry about removing the signs either.

“The Democratic Party came by to drop off the signs and came back to pick them up,” Groth said.

Where to drop off political signs:

– Behind the Fort Collins Public Library

– 201 Peterson St.

– Today is the last day

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