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Nov 132006

Sometimes our greatest truths can be revealed to us through the simplest means. In this case the one doing the revealing is a racist, sexual predator who can barely speak English; a man who goes by the name Borat.

In his new movie, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit of Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” Sacha Baron Cohen, or Borat, travels the country filming a “mockumentry” about a Kazakh man trying to understand U.S. culture.

The star of the movie is not so much Cohen as the people he dupes into believing him.

Along the way, these people reveal racist and ignorant traits that they may not have wanted the whole nation to hear and many of them are voicing out against the movie.

But for what cause? They really said those words and acted that way.

Two frat boys who made misogynistic and racist comments in the movie are suing 20th Century Fox.

Although I am sure Mom and Dad are mad, these men should buck up and take responsibility for their actions.

There is no denying that Cohen tricked them. His actions may have even been unethical, but that doesn’t change what happened. The people in this movie dug their own graves with their actions and words.even if Cohen was the one who gave them the shovel.

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