Nov 092006

With our student fees can we please get the teachers some frickin’ markers that work?

To whoever wrote about their sexy chemistry TA: My engineering TA and I are going to be studying structures, and then after that fluids.

I think we should start a petition demanding Kevin Federline get a vasectomy. I mean he’s halfway to starring in a reality show called “Eight is Enough.”

To the girl in my English class who chews her gum loudly: I did not pull myself out of bed early in the morning to hear your saliva slosh around in your mouth.

So I was in the library and a person got off the elevator and they were out of breath. What happened in that elevator that made them breathe so hard?

I think that the campus squirrels are really aliens that came to entertain us. Their mother ship must be buried under the Oval with Chuck Norris heading the operation.

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