Nov 082006

Congratulations to Angie Paccione on a valiant effort.

Toppling a well-entrenched politician who has the backing of some pretty big names (the president himself) and belongs to a party that has had a grip on power for 32 consecutive years is a monumental task.

Now, to the business of our district.

Like it or not, Marilyn Musgrave is our congresswoman for at least another two years.

So here’re just a few items on our wish list for our incumbent. We won’t hold our breath.

-Don’t make gays your platform, please. Bash ’em here and there to fire up the conservative base (we know you will), but there are more pressing issues to deal with.

-Don’t be a rubber stamp for the president. On second thought, strike that. We enjoy the president’s bi-annual trips to the district, where we get to learn about freedom and liberty. Keep stamping away.

-Please talk to the Collegian. Yeah, we know. Liberal media and all that. But what you call “liberal,” we call “respecting the basic human dignity of each individual.” Hey, it’s just semantics. But really, we’re your alma mater’s rag, so it wouldn’t hurt to call us back every once in a blue moon.

-Oh, and this is just a pet peeve, the term is “illegal immigrant,” not the derogatory noun “illegal.” (See prior reference to “basic human dignity”).

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