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Nov 072006

Amendment 41

Passed: Prevent elected state officials and some local officials, and immediate family members, from accepting more than $50 in gifts or money in one year. Also prevents former officials from lobbying for two years after leaving office and appoints a five-member ethics committee to hear and investigate complaints and assess penalties about elected officials.

Amendment 42

Passed: Raises minimum wage to $6.85 from $5.15 per hour, and to $3.83 from $2.13 per hour for tipped workers, beginning Jan. 1. The wages will also be adjusted yearly for inflation.

Amendment 43

Passed: Defines marriage in the state as only a union between a man and a woman in the state’s constitution. It was already defined in state statute as well.

Amendment 44

Failed: Possession of marijuana, in any amount, remains illegal as a Class 2 petty offense with a fine of up to $100.

Referendum I

Failed: Domestic partnerships and benefits, such as health care coverage, jointly holding property and protection under domestic violence laws, will not be established.

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