Nov 072006

Halloween sucks. I’m diabetic, and my roommates bought like 20 pounds of candy. Too bad no trick-or-treaters showed up and now the candy is sitting there, mocking me. Damn you, sugar! Why must you send me into a coma?

Can we PLEASE stop bashing on Sonny and the football team? Win or lose we are all still Rams. Plus it could be way worse…we could be the CU Buffalos and have a 1-8 season.

To the person who suggested starting the Ram Talk Club: I second that motion and advise that we start by making our official mascot the CSU campus squirrel.

If I can’t afford the meter I’m parked at, what makes CSU think I can afford the $12 tickets they keep writing me?

BEWARE PINK PLASTIC FLAMINGO OWNERS: The makers of your faithful lawn decorations have decided to stop producing this one-of-a-kind product. Researchers are predicting many people will try to steal these creatures from lawns since they will soon become extinct. I suggest you put your flamingos under lock and key until 2055 when they are safe to be proudly displayed again.

I’m sad Bob Barker is retiring. If I had a dog I would spay or neuter it…but since I don’t my roommate will have to do.

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