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Nov 072006

Colorado voters have rejected freedom.

Despite all of the “freedom” and “liberty” rhetoric spewed by politicians and voters alike, we learned last night that they don’t know the definitions of the words.

If the voters of Colorado believed in freedom, they would not have amended the state constitution – a document meant to ensure citizens’ freedom – to discriminate against homosexuals. Nor would they have shot down a referendum that would have granted homosexual couples even a skeletal version of the list of rights that straight couples enjoy.

If the voters of Colorado believed in liberty, they would not have thrown out a measure that would have legalized possession of a tiny amount of marijuana for adults 21 years and older.

Instead, Coloradans have said they want the government to dictate morality to them.

We believe that one’s right to swing his fist ends at the next man’s nose. Evidently, most Coloradans believe that right ends a lot sooner.

There is no evidence that homosexual couples or pot smokers are destructive to society.

The government should not interfere with personal beliefs or decisions between consenting adults, nor should it keep people from using a substance less harmful than alcohol in the privacy of their homes.

We congratulate voters on making their voices heard. But many have been manipulated by polarizing politicians who prey on minority groups and scare the majority.

Today, we do not see liberty or justice for all.

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