Starving for soccer balls?

Nov 062006
Authors: Kate Dzintars

Los Angeles Superstar Cobi Jones is organizing a a plan to send fifty thousand

soccer balls to the children of Iraq. People can donate ten dollars to the foundation and in turn receive a soccer ball to send overseas.

Jones commented that with all the issues surrounding the War, Iraqi youth may be able to find some sort of peace and tranquility through soccer. This blogger didn’t realize

that soccer balls were such a delicacy in Iraq.

I mean if war was taking place in America, the last thing I would want from my attackers would be a soccer ball. Do the math. Fifty thousand soccer balls at ten dollars a ball, that equals to a half a million dollars. This money could’ve went towards food or some sort of education, hell it could’ve gone towards re-building New Orleans.

But I guess I’m out of touch with the people.

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