Ram Talk

Nov 062006

I don’t know which is worse: A righty sitting in a lefty seat or not having any lefty seats in classrooms. When was this school built? In the time before lefties!?!!?

CSU should take some of the money that I have paid for parking tickets and invest it in an industrial size quantity of WD-40 so they can fix all the annoying squeaky chairs and desks on campus.

How cool would it be to play hide and seek in the library…it would be like a three-day extravaganza!

To the person who stated in RamTalk that you hit a squirrel with your pen – Why? Why would you hit a squirrel? Frankly, I think you deserved the dirty look.

Bob Barker had to help Chuck Norris spin the wheel.

To my sexy chem. TA: Come on over sometime and I’ll give you a lesson in excited states, bonding energy and thermal reactions…

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