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Nov 062006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

You might not care what we think, but just in case you do, here is where the members of the Collegian’s editorial board stand on some of the key issues in this election.

Bill Ritter for Governor

Our fellow Ram supported Referendum C last year, which helped avoid massive university tuition increases.

Angie Paccione for the 4th Congressional District

Paccione is the best choice out of the pool – mainly because she supported Referendum C and has a better chance than the lesser-known third-party candidates.

No on Amendment 42 (raising minium wage)

Increasing the minimum wage could do more harm than good. If we keep raising the wage, the amount of jobs will increase the costs for labor overall and could lead to a decrease in the amount of jobs and benefits for available employees, especially for the few workers who don’t have the required skill sets.

Yes on Amendment 44 (legalize marijuana)

Pot isn’t good for you, but neither is alcohol, French fries or “Laguna Beach.” We should all be allowed to choose whether or not we use marijuana – it’s an issue of personal responsibility.

Yes on Referendum I

Referendum I is a small step in the right direction for equality of basic legal rights for homosexuals. In our country where church and state are supposed to be separate, marriage is a legal contract providing rights that should be available to any pair of partners.

Most importantly, vote for what you believe in, because above all, the Collegian supports freedom and democracy.

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