To the Editor:

Nov 052006

Who do you really want in office?

When Marilyn Musgrave first ran for Congress in 2002, she did not need support from CSU to win a district that has been in Republican hands since 1973.

Four years later, Musgrave’s emphasis on “values” and not the issues the federal government should be focusing on has squandered her support among constituents. State Rep. Angie Paccione, D-Fort Collins, a CSU professor on leave, has a great chance to take her seat Tuesday.

Musgrave voted to vastly increase federal government spending while voting to cut taxes needed to pay for it, leaving us with a massive national debt. Then she votes for a bill to cut funding for student loans, Medicare and Medicaid just to restrain growth in entitlement spending by .5 percent, according to the conservative Heritage Foundation.

She made a national name for herself by calling for intervention in the Terri Schiavo case and trying to write in the U.S. Constitution essentially that a gay person cannot stay with his or her life partner in the intensive care unit. On July 21, she introduced a resolution “calling on the president to proclaim 2007 as the ‘National Year of the Bible.'”

Paccione has advocated for more higher education funding, farmer’s interests and allowing small businesses to jointly negotiate health care plans.

I urge students and faculty to drown out the ads and think of whom you want in Congress. Only with a large turnout of Rams will the district have a chance to get the kind of representation that should be demanded.

Vince Blaser

CSU class of 2004 and former Collegian sports reporter

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