Ram Talk

Nov 022006

From (Jibbs-Does your chain hang low) To Cam: Do your balls hang low, Do they wobble to the floor, Do they shine in the light, Do they produce more green and gold, Can you throw them over your shoulder when you wobble to and fro, Do your balls hang low?

Are we sure it wasn’t our kicker that got stabbed in the leg?

OK, everyone who lives in the dorms and can’t figure out how to get the cereal out of the dispenser when its jammed… just POP the top off and pour yourself a bowl… How hard can it be? Honestly?

If anyone found my digital camera at Rob and Landon’s you can keep it; it’s a piece but please upload the ninja turtle pics on Facebook!

As an engineer I wonder if there is a phobia for having too many girls in your class because I’m absolutely terrified to go to my human nutrition class.

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