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Authors: State Rep. Angie Paccione

Over the past several months, I have traveled several times throughout Colorado’s 4th District meeting with farmers, ranchers, veterans and working families. The message I’ve heard has been resoundingly clear.

The people are looking for principled leadership that will be responsive to their needs. Many don’t feel that our country is headed in the right direction, and they seek a change for the better. I can and I will offer you that change.

The failed leadership in Washington has had more than enough chances to address the concerns of everyday working Americans, but instead they have chosen to cover up for their corrupt friends and do the bidding of the special interests, providing corporate giveaways to the oil and gas industry, letting the pharmaceutical interests write healthcare policy and ultimately burdening the voters with record debt, job losses and a steadily increasing cost of living along with a decreasing quality of life. This is unacceptable.

Ask yourself, what has your current congresswoman done to help you live a better life? She has repeatedly said that the number one issue facing America today is banning gay marriage.

We are in two wars, we have several new threats to national security, our schools are in disrepair, 770,000 Coloradans cannot afford healthcare and Colorado’s home foreclosure rates are the highest in the nation. This is no time to be focusing on social wedge issues.

So what has Marilyn Musgrave done in her four years in Congress? When asked what she’s done for education in her four years on the House Education Committee, she replied, “I’m not thinking of anything at the federal level right now. Sorry.”

Sorry? Is she also sorry for cutting veterans’ programs by $28.5 billion, for blocking TRICARE health coverage from going to our National Guard and Reservists, or for voting against ending the “war widows” tax for spouses of our fallen service members?

Is she sorry for co-sponsoring the most radical and extremely risky Social Security

privatization plan that adds trillions to our national debt, for opposing cuts to our deficit that preserve tax relief for working families, or for opposing Referendum C, the measure that brought our state’s schools, roads and healthcare programs back from the brink of ruin?

What about for her opposition to a bill that prevented the oil and gas industry from gouging working families and small businesses at the pump, for voting to raise student loan interest rates by 40 percent, or for voting repeatedly to cut border patrol agents and funds for workplace enforcement of immigration laws?

I don’t have to apologize for my record.

I have stood up for our farmers and ranchers, and I am dedicated to revitalizing our rural communities. I was one of only four State House Democrats named “Friend of the Farm Bureau” by the Colorado Farm Bureau for my state legislative record that shows “an exemplary job working and voting on issues that are important to farmers and ranchers.”

I have stood up for our veterans and have been endorsed by Colorado Veterans for America for protecting our active-duty soldiers from insurance gouging, for providing property tax relief for disabled veterans and our men and women overseas, and for ensuring in-state tuition for our military and their families.

I have stood up for our seniors, students and working families by fighting to lower prescription drug costs, reducing healthcare costs for small businesses, protecting citizens from identity theft and supporting Referendum C.

My record proves that in Congress I will stand up for you and against the special interests and powerful politicians that are taking America in the wrong direction.

Vote for principled leadership in Congress, and you won’t be sorry.

State Rep. Angie Paccione is a two-term representative from Fort Collins running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District.

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