Oct 312006

What did we do in the days before cell phones? When the power went out in Animal Sciences during our exam, everyone had an alternative source of lighting handy.

So, today I was text messaging my friend to tell her I had an econ test today. But what did the predictive text say instead? DAMN test! Coincidence? Sure, but it’s a pretty econ funny one!

Where are these squirrels rumored to be afraid of dinosaur noises? I hit one that was eating a nut right over my head with my pen and it didn’t do anything but give me a dirty look.

To the guy in the library who was sitting in front of me in a “Quiet Zone” who decided it was a genius idea to talk on his phone ridiculously loud – I saw you trip on your way out.

It’s nice to see Sonny gets his coaching advice from RamTalk. Anyone have any ideas how we can actually win a game?

You know your dog is a Ram fan when: It wears a CSU shirt and poops out green and gold beads from the necklace you wore to the game yesterday!

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