Oct 302006

Has anyone else noticed that our university e-mail looks like it was created on Windows 95?

Someone dressed up as Gartrell at a Halloween party I was at. It was great.

It was fate: The one morning I wake up early I see a mysterious man decide to do the good deed of finally getting that umbrella out of the lagoon! I think I was the only one that witnessed this miracle! Hats off to you!

To our neighbors: Yes, we do have Dance Dance Revolution practice at 2 a.m. in the morning. You haven’t lived until you’ve played Dance Dance on a projector screen with surround sound. When you’re ready to dance the dream, you know where we live.

Guy by the rock: “YOU! You have sinned and will burn in hell!!!” God: “Dude, come on. You’re killing me here. How about, ‘Love y’all and peace out.’ Really killing my reputation, chief.”

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