Oct 292006
Authors: Geoff Johnson

The flesh flew freely Saturday night at “Streak-a-palooza,” a charity event organized by three CSU students – Rob Thomas, Nick Thomas (no relation) and Charlie Scheid – with the goal of amassing 1,250 naked students to run around together.

The event took place in a vacant, tree-lined field about a mile and a half north of Hughes Stadium.

Rob Thomas said 313 people streaked, but lamented the amount of money raised.

“We only ended up with $58,” he said.

Thomas said he hopes to get more funds from mycollegedaily.com to present to the Livestrong Foundation, a cancer support group, even though no streaking record was broken.

Matt Clair and three of his friends were the first four people to arrive at the event after the organizing trio.

Clair, a junior business major, said he knew he would attend “Streak-a-palooza” as soon as he saw the Oct. 16 Collegian article “Nude kids on the block.”

“I definitely want to be a part of breaking this (Guinness world record),” Clair said. “And the cause is cool, too.”

Clair and his friends discussed the degree to which they would be nude as an event official wrote on their backs in magic marker.

Keith Kohlberg, a junior electrical engineering major and a friend of Clair, reluctantly decided to run entirely nude.

Clair, holding a football in his right hand, also decided to be fully nude.

“And I’m definitely going to run with the football,” he said.

Between disputes about who got to be marked with the number 7, Natalie Kolegraff, a junior Spanish major, and Mallory Rex, a junior graphic design major, also friends of Clair, agreed that they would err on the side of caution and only go “90 percent,” and run in their underwear.

The group discussed concerns over what might happen to their clothes and how they might find them post-streaking.

“In case the police come and bust this whole thing, I’d like to have my clothes,” Clair said.

Rex seemed to be less concerned.

“(Police) would be more likely to let a girl go (without her clothes),” she said.

As the event progressed and more cars arrived on the field, Rob Thomas and Scheid could be heard near-constantly communicating with the help of bullhorns.

“Charlie Scheid! Where is my robe?” Thomas yelled across the field.

Scheid did not know where Thomas’ robe was, but Rob found it.

With more than 100 people amassed, a large group gathered and broke into boisterous cheers of “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram!” led by Thomas.

The cheers quickly transitioned into “F*** CU!”

Kolegraff expressed concern about what her parents might think.

“My mother would not approve,” she said.

Brandon Filkins, a senior natural resources major, was less concerned.

Waving to a television camera, he shouted, “I want to be on the news! I want my mom to see this!”

Monica Burge, a friend of Filkins and a senior health and exercise science major, was wearing what she described as “boy shorts” and a “censored” sign duct taped across her chest. She said she felt mild discomfort due to the breeze coming off of the foothills.

“It’s cold as hell!” she said. “But it’s for a good cause.”

The temperature when the streaking began was about 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rob Thomas and Charlie Scheid lit brightly burning torches and gathered the increasingly nude crowd in the middle of the field. On their command, the group ran about a quarter-mile lap around the field.

After finishing the lap, most of the streakers scrambled to find their clothes.

Becca Nelson, a senior sports medicine major, in a black bra and blue jeans, lamented the loss of her ID and keys.

Putting his clothes on by his car, Clair said he was disappointed with the results of “Streak-a-palooza,” but remained confident for subsequent outings.

“I wanted to be in the Guinness book,” he said. “Next year, the record is ours.”

Thomas was also confident that the streaking event will become an annual, or perhaps biannual, tradition.

“We might even do this again in the spring,” he said.

Staff writer Geoff Johnson can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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