Oct 292006
Authors: Hilary Davis

Cameras flashed, the lights were dim and the drinks flowed as student models worked it down the runway Friday for the winter fashion show at the Lincoln Center.

The show, titled “360/ Your Style,” featured everyday winter wear as well as the newest trends in ski and snowboard gear.

“We’ve never, ever, ever done a show like this before,” said Jessica Owens, president of Fashion Group International, a student fashion organization.

FGI sold tickets, chose the clothing, booked the venue, advertised and auditioned the models for the show.

“You name it, we did it,” said Owens, a senior apparel and merchandising major. “It was a big job.”

Big was the word of the night for everyone, including the models, who sported big furry boots, big hair and big attitudes.

“The models were so energetic, they played their roles really well,” said DJ Uneek, who has spun at multiple shows for FGI. “I think they had a lot of fun with it.”

Models sauntered, strutted and slid down the runway to a remix of Death From Above’s “Sexy Results” – and got results from the crowd.

“The clothes were so trendy and the mood of the night was really fun,” said Dana Alexander, a senior agricultural business major.

But the night was bigger than just fashion. Outpost Sunsport raffled off goggles, Burton ski jackets and gloves, and worked in conjunction with Role Model Productions to screen a new movie, “When in Doubt, Lay it Out.”

After the events at the Lincoln Center, many went to Sullivan’s Tavern for an after-party, where a ticket stub from the show earned the holder a free drink. Safe transportation was provided for those who drank at the show.

“Hands down, the best show we’ve ever done,” Owens said.

More than 300 people attended the show, a new record for FGI.

“This show was awesome,” Uneek said. “I’ve been to seven shows, and this has been the biggest one.Everyone’s just excited that it’s ski season, and they are amped up to see what’s new for 2007.”

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Top Five Trends for this season:

1. Fur-lined hoods

2. Anything brown or turquoise

3. Plaid jackets or pants to mix and match

4. Big boots for the ski lodge

5. Bandanas or party scarves

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