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Oct 292006

For governor, vote Ritter

There are lots of reasons why we’re supporting Bill Ritter for governor.

His years as Denver district attorney show he’s tough on crime, despite the repeated attacks by his opponent, Republican Bob Beauprez.

Also, we believe him when he promises he won’t make his personal beliefs against abortion into a legislative issue.

And hey, he’s a fellow Ram. Having one of us in the governor’s mansion can’t hurt.

But really, these and several issues aside, he sealed the support of the Collegian editorial board when he supported Referendum C, the measure on last November’s ballot that helped avoid massive tuition increases to the state’s university students.

By various estimates, tuition could have shot up more than 30 percent at CSU.

Meanwhile, Beauprez opposed Referendum C.

And now the conservative congressman has a plan to boost Colorado universities’ coffers.

He wants to allow universities to increase tuition without limits.

“The reason that I think that makes some degree of sense is it’s providing our universities with flexibility to manage the expense side,” the candidate told the Collegian.

He’s essentially comparing higher education to running a business. But in business, there are always people who get the short end of the stick.

As much as Colorado is heading toward that direction, it shouldn’t be that way.

So we’re endorsing a candidate who has been committed to higher education and, we believe, will remain committed to it.

Vote Bill Ritter.

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