Oct 292006
Authors: Cody Zach

It’s official.

Rams know more about sex than the Buffs.

CSU ranked 23rd in sexual health according to a recent survey, ranking more than 10 spots higher than its southern neighbors.

The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card ranked 100 universities across the nation in terms of sexual health knowledge.

CSU gained such high marks largely due to the abundance of information available on the university’s Web site.

Deb Morris, the director of health education at Hartshorn Health Service, said the information available on their Web site offers comprehensive information about sexual health.

“We have a huge Web site that we run called Ask Pat, which you can find through our (HHS) Web site,” Morris said. “We feel really good about the material there. It is good, factual information.”

The survey gauged a variety of criteria, including a student health Web site, condom availability, sexually transmitted disease information and testing, lectures, counseling and campus events.

Bert Sperling, owner of the company that helped produce the rankings, said the survey is accurate.

“We put ourselves in the minds of the students,” he said. “Students are most likely to go online and try to get info right away. That’s why we based most of our research

on Web sites.”

Aside from the site, HHS offers a variety of options to students who want to either gain knowledge of sexual health, or simply acquire contraception devices such as condoms to better protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.

Free condoms and lube are available at the health center.

“For people who are latex sensitive, we have condoms made out of polyurethane,” Morris said.

According to Morris, HHS also offers a full diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Although diagnosis is free, treatment is not, so students should be prepared to pay for treatment out of their own pockets.

“Most students do not want to talk to their parents about their sexual disease insurance,” Morris said.

Morris and HHS have also been extending their influences into the residence halls.

Frederico Pacheco, a resident assistant at Braiden Hall, said his students are well-informed when it comes to sexual health.

Aside from offering free condoms to their students, they organize various games that serve to educate on sexual health issues.

“A couple programs we do are Sex, Lies and Chocolate, sexual activity awareness meetings and things of that nature,” the senior health and exercise science major said.

Pacheco also said other RAs host a game called Condom Jeopardy, where condoms are prizes.

But despite the joking, Pacheco said the availability of information and contraception makes the experience easier on students.

“The students definitely take advantage of the free condoms available to them in the halls,” Pacheco said. “It is easier because it is more anonymous.”

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Trojan Sexual Health Report Card

1. Yale

2. Iowa

3. Michigan-Ann Arbor

4. Stanford

5. Oregon

6. Princeton

7. New Hampshire

8. Duke

9. Ohio State

10. Illinois-Urbana-Champaign


23. CSU


32. Colorado-Boulder


100. Brigham Young

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