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Oct 262006

Streakers lack clothes, plan

We applaud Nick Thomas, Rob Thomas and Charlie Scheid for stripping down to nothing for a good cause.

Being skeptics, as we are, we wonder how we can be assured that this apparently noble streaking plot will end in money going to a charity fund.

On Wednesday, just days before the event, Nick Thomas told the Collegian that there is a verbal agreement, but still no concrete plan, to get the donated dollars to a charity.

It was also not completely clear which charity the money was going to, though the testicular cancer-fighting group Live Strong seems to be the one that will benefit.

We understand that this idea began as a joke and just sort of evolved into what it is today, but we also understand that when money’s involved, it’s always wise to be cautious.

As with our “hot” alumnus Matt Wood, we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation and doing everything we can to ensure the money has gone to where it belongs. We have faith that our CSU streakers will do as they’ve said, but as a slightly corrupt wise man once said, “Trust, but verify.”

We encourage everyone to get involved and do everything they legally can do to support such a fine cause. But the naked truth is that sometimes it’s hard to be sure you’re supporting testicles.

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