Oct 252006

In recent years, Famous Class Records has slowly but surely become a staple in the undulating pop and clash scene of New York City. Led by bands such as Snakes Say Hisss!, Famous Class has historically lived up to all the hype. Its new release by Boogie Boarder is no exception to the rule. Fun, lively and very eclectic, Boogie Boarder’s What Riding Waves Is All About is unorganized and crazed digital surf-rock for the 21st century.

The New York-rooted band is composed of Cyrus Lubin (The Huxtables), Willie Miesmer and Paul Gladstone. All three students met at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, where the band was created. Basically instrumental, Boogie Boarder has been able to foster such an unconventional noise by seemingly redefining the ways traditional instruments are used to recreate music that really isn’t made very much anymore – surf rock. The atypical drum kit apparatus and bass/guitar fusion are only a few of the many intricacies that allow Boogie Boarder to create a unique atmosphere reminiscent of an early gaming console on methamphetamines.

The entire album is a compilation of about seven home recording sessions that truly capture the sight and spirit of Boogie Boarder within a few two-to-three minute pop staples.

“We play music people like to dance to, music that people feel good when they listen to really loud, music for having fun,” the band says.

The entire album is glorious; highlights include anything from “Prison Warder” to my personal favorite, “The Gentle Way.” Extremely energized and full of vigor, Boogie Boarder is sure to leave a lasting critique on pop music. For people who believe music should be an insensible wave, twisting, turning and crashing through emotions, thoughts and ideas, truly believe in the essence that is Boogie Boarder.

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