Oct 242006

Editor’s note: The following may contain sexually explicit and graphic language. Reader discretion is advised.

A portion of text from the report:

August 17, 2006

3:14 p.m.

tongueman30: how old are you?

“Keli”: 13 b 14 in sept

tongueman30: oic

“Keli”: I no f***n drag

“Keli”: I will let u go

tongueman30: why is that?

“Keli”: fig u no want to talk

tongueman30: well, I am horny

“Keli”: kewl

tongueman30: are you into older guys?

“Keli”: im into guys who just r kewl and no play head games u no

“Keli”: so np

tongueman30: are you a virgin

“Keli”: no

tongueman30: wow

“Keli”: wow Y

tongueman30: no reason, just seem young

“Keli”: lol u shuld see some of the gurls in my skewl

tongueman30: do you like to suck?

“Keli”: yea im still like learnin to swallow it like drip out last dude got all mad

tongueman30: mmm, how many guys have you blown?

“Keli”: like6

tongueman30: nice. I like to shoot onto a little c**ksucker’s face

“Keli”: k

tongueman30: you should take the bus up here

“Keli”: really

tongueman30: yeah

“Keli”: u got pic

tongueman30: just of my c**k, and u?

tongueman30: if you come up here I;ll let you suck it

“Keli”: k

“Keli”: like when

tongueman30: tomorrow?

“Keli”: k any suggestions like how to get ther like what bus or stuff

tongueman30: I think there is a greyhound to ft collins from Denver

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