Ram Talk

Oct 242006

Why do people think writing their names along with ‘is hot’ with an arrow pointing to it that says “FACEBOOK” on the tables in Clark will make people want to look them up and say, “Wow that guy really is hot, I should hook up with him?”

I was walking to class the other day and noticed a group of four squirrels staring at me. Is it just me, or are the squirrels organizing into gangs? I tell you, those squirrels sure are crafty.

So… we have a PROactiv vending machine in the bookstore? What is that thing? Does that mean we are cool or CSU has a horrible case of acne?

I think that there should be a RamTalk club. And then I think we should get jackets.

Rebuttal to biker-hater comments about getting nicked by us: What part of “Bike Path” says walk in me?

I think it is RIDICULOUS that the newspapers generalize that all Greeks are against SAE. I am Greek and have chosen not to turn my back on them during this rough time. Whatever happened to IFC brotherhood?

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