Oct 242006
Authors: JAMES BAETKE The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Police nabbed a 37-year-old CSU graduate student – who has also taught classes here – on Monday after he allegedly tried to sexually solicit an undercover cop posing as a 13-year-old girl, according to court documents.

David Pepin, of Laporte, was arrested by Jefferson and Larimer County police on Monday afternoon in Morgan Library.

Police arrested him on suspicion of Internet luring of a child and promotion of obscenity to a minor.

Pepin is currently working toward his PhD in ecology, overseen by the Department of Biology, and has taught numerous CSU courses since the fall of 2000, according to a university Web site.

Under the direction of the Jefferson County district attorney’s Crimes Against Children Unit, Pepin was eventually identified in a Yahoo Internet chat room with the screen name “tongueman30.”

In an Aug. 17 chat, Pepin is alleged to have had a detailed conversation with “Keli,” an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Police included the alleged Internet chat between Pepin and the fictional 13-year-old girl and two X-rated photos he sent to the girl, both of his penis, in the arrest affidavit. Some of the log details are sexually graphic in detail, but include discussion about oral sex, anal sex and other explicit acts. Police say he initiated the chat in Yahoo’s Colorado Chat Room 2.

In the correspondence, screen name tongueman30 asks how old the girl is, what sexual experience she has and whether she was interested in traveling by bus to meet him for sex. One exchange reads:

Tongueman30: how old are you?

Uncover police officer: 13 b 14 in september

T: oic

U: I no f***n’ drag

U: I will let you go

T: why is that?

U: fig u no want to talk

T: well I am horny

U: kewl

T: are you into older guys?

Tongueman30, who identifies himself as “Don” and being married, proceeds to ask the uncover officer whether she is a virgin and arranges to meet her. The two plan for Keli to take a bus ride from Denver to Fort Collins and meet in a “cheap” motel for sex, according to the affidavit.

The Jefferson County investigator notes in the affidavit that the subject of the chat did not follow up the meeting the next day by calling the undercover phone and then proceeded to contact Fort Collins police to alert them of tongueman30.

Pam Russell, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County district attorney, says it was the work of a Fort Collins detective who found the same alleged X-rated photo of Pepin on craigslist.com.

By Oct. 12, Fort Collins police contacted the Jefferson County investigator and said they had positively identified tongueman30 as Pepin after they set up an adult with him. Before Pepin made it to the arranged meeting, Fort Collins police had a patrol car pull him over and get his identity confirmed, Russell said.

“Fort Collins was part of the investigation,” Russell said. “I credit that particular Fort Collins detective with having a great eye and matching the photo.”

Pepin was released from the Larimer County Detention Center on $25,000 bond Tuesday afternoon.

Pepin’s resume touts his devotion to stream water research and dedication to the academia of biology. He was recently awarded an outstanding CSU graduate teaching assistant award and thousands of dollars in grants over a span of nearly 10 years.

His resume lists him as having attended Western State College of Colorado, where he received his bachelor’s in 1998 and earned his master’s from the University of Montana.

Pepin gave a guest lecture to a Thompson Valley High School 10th grade honors biology class in spring 2004, according to his resume.

Sara Hugdahl, an employee with the Salmon River Restoration Council in Sawyer’s Bar, Calif., says Pepin is a “family guy” with a wife and two children.

“I worked out in the field with him and he seems like a really, really nice guy and a great father,” Hugdahl said.

Pepin and his wife worked at the SRRC for about two months when he recently decided to move back to Colorado with his family for personal reasons, Hugdahl said.

A SRRC biography, written by Pepin himself, describes himself as an “avid composer and saxophonist” who enjoys extended backpacking trips and hiking.

Pepin is set to appear in court to formally hear the charges against him within the next 10 days.

Staff writer James Baetke can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Editor’s note: The following may contain sexually explicit and graphic language. Reader discretion is advised.

A portion of text from the report:

August 17, 2006

3:14 p.m.

tongueman30: how old are you?

“Keli”: 13 b 14 in sept

tongueman30: oic

“Keli”: I no f***n drag

“Keli”: I will let u go

tongueman30: why is that?

“Keli”: fig u no want to talk

tongueman30: well, I am horny

“Keli”: kewl

tongueman30: are you into older guys?

“Keli”: im into guys who just r kewl and no play head games u no

“Keli”: so np

tongueman30: are you a virgin

“Keli”: no

tongueman30: wow

“Keli”: wow Y

tongueman30: no reason, just seem young

“Keli”: lol u shuld see some of the gurls in my skewl

tongueman30: do you like to suck?

“Keli”: yea im still like learnin to swallow it like drip out last dude got all mad

tongueman30: mmm, how many guys have you blown?

“Keli”: like6

tongueman30: nice. I like to shoot onto a little c**ksucker’s face

“Keli”: k

tongueman30: you should take the bus up here

“Keli”: really

tongueman30: yeah

“Keli”: u got pic

tongueman30: just of my c**k, and u?

tongueman30: if you come up here I;ll let you suck it

“Keli”: k

“Keli”: like when

tongueman30: tomorrow?

“Keli”: k any suggestions like how to get ther like what bus or stuff

tongueman30: I think there is a greyhound to ft collins from Denver

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