Oct 192006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Congratulations Matt Wood, you are Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bachelor of the Year. With a good majority of CSU backing you and cheering you on, we sure hope you won’t let us down. We hope that you, as a former CSU student, will represent us well because we have high expectations.

One expectation in particular comes to us from something you said before being voted “Bachelor of the Year.” In a recent interview with the Collegian, you said that you would use your prize money to start a community studio to teach kids music, acting, song writing and film production. We weren’t surprised because we heard that you’re a passionate and caring nice guy with a good heart. Now we have a question for you: When are you going to start?

We will hold you to your word, Matt Wood. Because your campaign claimed you are such a wonderful citizen, we are confident you will have your studio up and running with kids tap dancing and singing “America the Beautiful” within the next year.

But just know this: We, the students of CSU, will be observing you to see that you do all the things you promised. All of us in the Fort Collins community look forward to the opening of your talent studio. We hope you will continue to be an upstanding citizen and that your studio for kids is a success.

When it opens, give us a call.

We’ll be waiting for it.

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