Oct 192006

I was pleased to see your advertisement in Wednesday’s paper seeking a new city editor. May I suggest that you seek someone who is willing to uphold the standards of journalistic integrity and unbiasedness as opposed to someone such as the news managing editor, Mr. Vimal Patel, who is willing to report inaccurate and defamatory information in the quest for a sensational story.

For the last time, the “Rise and Ralph” events were NOT events where “students drink until they vomit.” This misinformation has been repeatedly printed in the Collegian, and needs to be corrected. If Mr. Patel, who co-wrote or wrote many of the Greek Life stories this year, had talked to the Greek Life office or any sources involved in this (since banned) event, they would have informed him that the title of “Rise and Ralph” is merely and alliterative play on words and not descriptive of what literally happened at these events.

I am disappointed that the Collegian, especially Mr. Patel and the current editor in chief, Mr. Brandon Lowrey, who has also co-wrote many of the Greek Life stories this year that have appeared on the front page (which, as editor in chief, also brings up other issues of bias), chose to continually disregard factual information in favor of printing another sensational story about Greek Life. May I suggest that in the selection process for the city editor, news managing editor and editor in chief that you choose people who are willing to verify information and actually talk to relevant sources instead of people who want to splash the next big Greek Life “scandal” on the front page. I’m sure the 1,500 member of the CSU Greek community would greatly appreciate it.

Elizabeth Hipp

Senior, apparel and merchandising

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