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Oct 182006

A third way? Check out the Libertarians

The Collegian is spot-on to suggest that students check out third-party candidates. Take, for instance, the six Libertarian candidates on the ballot here in Fort Collins. What sets them apart from the other contenders in each of their races?

Dawn Winkler, Libertarian candidate for governor, is the only candidate who’s 100 percent pro-choice (Democrat Bill Ritter has said he would sign an abortion ban into law).

Dwight Harding, Libertarian candidate for attorney general, is the only candidate who supports not wasting tax dollars by prosecuting marijuana possession. Daniel Ong, Libertarian candidate for CU regent, is the only candidate who has actually attended multiple CU campuses as a student.

Mark Brophy, Libertarian candidate for State House, is the only candidate who supports lowering the drinking age so that students have the freedom to drink safely. Jesse Herron, Libertarian candidate for County Assessor, is the only candidate who supports making the tax system understandable by someone who doesn’t have a statistics degree. Art Trevethick, Libertarian candidate for County Clerk, is the only candidate who recognizes that we need to take additional steps to have secure elections.

The Libertarian Party stands with the majority of students on the two issues that have been most publicized this semester: Supporting Amendment 44, which would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, and Referendum I, which would grant basic legal rights to same-sex couples. Check its candidates out.

Seth Anthony

chair, Campus Libertarians

graduate student, chemistry

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