Oct 182006
Authors: Ben Blascoe

LC Messinger’s enduring impact on the European club scene – vis a vis her all-women trio Unknown Gender during the New Wave and Punk era – grants her eternal verve in the music industry. Her talent was later allocated to the ears of her faithful subjects in such bands as The Simple Minds, The Smiths, Billy Bragg, King Sunny Ade, Bauhaus and Henry Rollins. Quite an inspiring r/sum/ to begin with, LC Messinger’s latest project, When Girls Collide, only furthers her legacy.

An ingenious approach to musical evolution through the ears of LC Messinger’s creation When Girls Collide, “Wasted Ladies” offers an offensive and almost maddening compilation of style and sound trampled into a hazy construal of bluesy brouhaha. When Girls Collide’s sound is a synthesis of spirits in LC Messinger’s times of yore, all aiding and abiding to craft an exceptional environment of spunk and dynamism.

“Wasted Ladies” is a very bizarre album that could easily be classified as psycho-circus pop for mental patients. It is sporadic, accidental and blithe – all the elements necessary to create a hit or miss album. But in Messinger’s case the carefree plethora of noise works remarkably well. The album opens with three back-to-back-to-back gems surely capable of arousing the sleeping dance beast inside our loins. There are fascinating and stimulating tracks sprayed all over the album, however not one stands on a pedestal of supremacy. The whole auditory experience of “Wasted Ladies” is the supreme ruler of Crazy Land – start to finish.

Straight jackets not included, LC Messinger continues to create and explore the outer limits of what is possible in the music industry. When Girls Collide is lackluster pop blended with the ancient institutions of blues and rock ‘n’ roll to fester a significant antagonist to pop culture.

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