Oct 182006
Authors: Jake Mountjoy

Florida’s melodic soft-pop rockers Copeland not only possess the ability to calm and ease the spirit of a college student during finals week, but can even bring out the tears of a Harlem gangsta. Forming in 2000, Copeland has come a long way, and with a new record out Oct. 31, Halloween might not be as scary as we think.

“Eat, Sleep, Repeat” begins with reassuring chiming on the keyboards with sudden bursts of lo-fi electro percussion reaching out and pulling you deep down into the layers of melancholy. Vocalist Aaron Marsh flawlessly warms you up to the track “Where’s My Head”

Next, the title track, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” begins with a light and buoyant beat complimented with spaced-out volume swells and cheerful xylophone jingles. It’s got a basic verse/chorus structure to it, but the harmony and agreement Copeland composes gives this five-minute long lullaby an edge.

We can relate the more upbeat repetitive pop-melodic-rock songs on their previous record, “In Motion,” to their song “Control Freak,” but “Careful Now,” will give the John Cusack dreamer a perfect song for a boom box the ladies will quiver over.

I was overjoyed when I got halfway through “Love Affair,” when Copeland decided to blend in some jazz elements. It’s a little different for Copeland, but honestly, who doesn’t like jazz?

Speaking of merging different music elements, “I’m A Sucker For A Kind Word” includes a delightful violin with some bluesy grunge guitar. Marsh offers his soothing and restful vocals over a quasi-gritty rock piece.

As a whole this record shouldn’t come close to a disappointment for Copeland fans. Songs like “By My Side” give fans the heartfelt sing-along tunes they love about Copeland, and “I’m Safer On An Airplane,” and “The Last Time He Saw Dorie,” bestow the record with an exclusive and assorted mix, which should keep critics at bay from standing on their elitist soapboxes.

Copeland is currently on tour with label mates The Appleseed Cast and will be playing Nov. 14 at the Gothic Theatre in Denver.

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